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Photography & Event Organisation

Our photography style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. Our photographs are inspired by light, color (and the lack of), techniques from Black & White processing, vintage photos, creative perspective and of course most importantly, the personalities of the people we photograph! We strive to create timeless, storytelling photographs that will help you and your family capture the most important moments of your life that will stay with you eternally.

Challenging, inspiring, full of diversity, surrounded by great people in different places. We believe in authentic as the main element to tell a true story through images and photography has always been an awe-inspiring field to mix up accurate techniques with our personal creative perception.

Life can be crazy, shy, silly, glowing, sensual, teasing, flirting, quiet or playful and we are passionate about documenting spontaneous mood in an editorially style, while carefully creating authentic images that matter. We want to take pictures of you the way you are.

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